Scott Unzicker

Guitarist ★ Musician ★ Songwriter


Scott Unzicker has been lending his talents to myriad bands in Austin, TX and abroad. His professionalism, laid-back demeanor, and work ethic have established him as the go-to guitar player for bands in need of solid lead and rhythm work.

Uninterested in ego-gratifying guitar pyrotechnics, his approach can best be described by his oft-repeated guiding principle: “play to the music.”

Not just a “gun for hire,” Scotty’s five year (and counting) collaboration with Mike Milligan and the Altar Boyz has proved a fruitful union of talent. With two studio albums, and thousands of miles of touring Texas (hey, it’s a really big place), they’ve established themselves as one of the preeminent blues/roots acts of the Lone Star State.

Scott plays either an ’02 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster or a ’95 Fender Custom Shop 50’s Mary Kaye Stratocaster plugged straight into a ’98 Fender Vibro King. No pedals. No gimmicks. Just good tone.

If you are a roots, blues, or Americana band in need of a guitar player, contact Scott:

phone : 512 - 656 - 4635

email  :

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